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Canadian Health&Care MallIt is uncommon that Canadian Health&Care Mall is the subject of Canadians’ indignation and pride at the same time. What a paradox!

The Canadian health care system is well-known as «Medicare» and provides paid and free medical service for almost all the residents of Canada. It is called so because of the structure. The fact is that it is financed by the state and controlled not by the Federal Government, but local authorities.

Each concrete department provides on its own territory; it plans, finances, evaluates hospital care provision and medical competence. The role of the Federal Government is limited and everything it is permitted to do is funding and medical service delivery for the certain groups of Canadian citizens including veterans, indigenous people living in reservations, the military and employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. And sometimes it promotes healthy lifestyle.

Noteworthy, most of the physicians has their own private practice and enjoys the highest degree of autonomy. Some of them work in different hospitals and local health centers. As for the private doctors, the public pays them directly from the regional budget and accordingly to the service provided. The therapists having no private practice usually get the fixed salary.

Health service levies taxes: the state income tax and the tax on profits from the enterprise. However, it does not play a big role in the Canadian Health&Care Mall.

To strengthen the health care system in 1999 the Government announced that the provinces and other territories of the country would receive additionally $11.5 billion for the period from 1999 to 2004 for different needs. But the fact was that it was only the improvement of the health system, but not its principal alteration.

But the reform seemed to be quite useful as the lifetime of Canadians significantly increased and became one of the highest indicators throughout the world.

In comparison with Canada, medical service in the USA is not free of charge; the average cost per day of staying in the American hospital is about $800 and besides the additional services as the surgery, hospital care, medicines, etc. are not included in that amount of money.

Persons having an insurance policy are paid about 80% of hospital costs back and the remaining 20% they have to pay themselves. However, the Americans manage to save on hospital care, reducing costs to a minimum. For example, they may take their own pillows, bed sheets, clothes and slippers to the hospital that would have cost them an additional $ 300 per day, try not to eat hospital food asking their relatives to bring something with them and so on.

And the Canadian health care system permits the citizenry to use all the medical opportunities without any possible payment, what, undoubtedly, elevates the country in comparison with many European ones.

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